Private workspaces are here

Flat now supports private workspaces for restricting access to sensitive topics – or just keeping your personal work private.

Jan 10, 2024

Until now, all workspaces in Flat have been public to everyone in your organization. That’s great for eliminating silos and for fostering collaboration, but there are sometimes good reasons why not everyone in your organization should have access to a workspace. For example:

  • Workspaces with sensitive or confidential information, like HR, legal, financial, or client matters

  • Personal workspaces just for yourself

Now you can handle these scenarios using Flat’s new private workspaces!

Just like the rest of Flat, we’ve designed private workspaces to be simple and intuitive. They’re exactly like any other Flat workspace except they can only be accessed by teammates who’ve been explicitly added to them as members.


You can create a new workspace at any time by hovering over “Workspaces” in the sidebar and clicking the “+” button. You’ll be prompted for the workspace name and whether the workspace should be public (visible to anyone in your organization) or private (visible only to people explicitly added as members).

When you create a private workspace, Flat automatically makes you the workspace’s initial member.

Adding additional members is as simple as clicking on the workspace’s name and visiting the Members tab in the setup dialog. In the example below, I'm currently the only member. I can use the input box to search for additional teammates to add.

As you navigate around Flat, wherever a private workspace’s name is displayed, you’ll see a small lock icon next to it as a gentle reminder that the workspace is private.

Humans are deeply wired with a concept of space, so having spaces that are private is a much simpler and more usable form of access control than, say, juggling permissions on individual documents or pages. As a result, you can be confident that your topics in Flat will be shared with the right set of people every time – without having to worry about it at all.

Andrew Kallem is Flat's co-founder and lead engineer. He has a background in finance, risk management, and computer science, and he has been writing software for nearly 30 years.