Flat is now even faster – and tolerates network issues

Sometimes you need to work offline, sometimes you just want to. Flat now lets you have full access to your data — and even make changes — without a network connection.

Jul 10, 2023

We're excited to reveal something we've been working on for some time: a major upgrade to Flat that stores all your data locally (in your browser), while keeping it in sync with the master copy (on our servers). What does this mean for you?

  • Many common actions are now so fast they feel instant

  • The experience on slow or flaky connections has gone from frustrating to outstanding

  • The app starts faster on initial page load

  • Significantly reduced network traffic

So if you find yourself working on a train or a flight with a WiFi connection that comes and goes, as we all sometimes do, instead of having to worry about losing data or a frustrating inability to get things done, Flat will just work.

With the rollout of this major release now complete, we can focus squarely on the many improvements our customers have been asking for, starting with multi-organization logins. Soon, you'll be able to login once and access all of your Flat organizations!

Seth Purcell is the co-founder and CEO of Flat. His career has ranged over genomics, finance, and for the past decade, leadership roles in web technology startups.