Desktop apps are here

Flat has escaped the confines of the browser. With desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, you are now free to go full-screen.

Oct 31, 2023

I'm delighted to announce that Flat is now available as a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Teams around the world are already using the app on all three platforms.

Why did we prioritize this when we have a perfectly good web app? For starters, this was a frequent request from our customers. But more importantly, it's completely aligned with what we're about as a company.

And what is that? Focus. Clarity. Not having to hunt for stuff, and minimizing exposure to things that can and do hijack your attention. So you can actually get your work done and go home feeling a sense of accomplishment and like you can take a break, rather than having to open up your work laptop after the kids are in bed.

And there's a clear line from that overarching vision to our decision to invest in desktop apps. Because a desktop app saves you from having to hunt among dozens of open browser tabs to find Flat dozens of times per day, and click on that tiny little icon, and be exposed to all those other tabs standing ready to steal your attention. As a user myself I can attest that it makes a difference.

Unlike many early-stage startups, we've put a ton of time into figuring out exactly what Flat is all about – recently nailing down, among other things, our vision and brand promise. These outputs have a bad reputation as “marketing fluff” because they’re often crafted by teams just going through the motions to tick a box, as opposed to trying to discern and state plainly the foundational ideas of their organization. I’ll admit I find this work surprisingly difficult and was tempted to “just call it done” more than once. But the point of this work is to provide guidance and guardrails for making consistently correct decisions, ones that keep us squarely aligned with our customers and our strategy. That's why it's worth the investment.

People want to work. Flat lets them. That’s our brand promise. Flat pushes back on the disorganization and distraction that are constantly trying to get in your way and ruin your productivity. And that’s why you can now just hit Cmd/Ctrl+Tab to get to Flat when you need it.

Seth Purcell is the co-founder and CEO of Flat. His career has ranged over genomics, finance, and for the past decade, leadership roles in web technology startups.