Why is it so hard to get work done… at work?

Maybe because we spend our days bouncing between different apps looking for the scattered pieces of our work: describing the work here, checking a status there, checking email, following up in chat.

Actually, let’s talk about chat. It’s great to be able to shoot a quick question at a colleague and get a quick reply, but what if they were deep in productive flow, and now they’re out of it? It’s fun to share GIFs and react with laughing emojis, but what about the time it takes to scroll through all that noise looking for something you really need to know? And it’s easy to make quick requests in chat, but it’s just as easy for those requests to be read and forgotten, pushed out of mind by new messages, on their way to becoming dropped balls. Should chat really be the center of our work universe? We don’t think so.

What if there were an app dedicated to defending your team’s ability focus, so you can all get your actual work done? An app that makes it easy to see everything going on – and stay on top of your personal priorities. An app that makes discussions as frictionless as chat, but without all the noise and interruptions – and prevents dropped balls. An app that doesn’t impose any extra work on your team, but instead reduces the effort required to keeping each other informed.

No app can fix all the problems we face at work. But we think Flat will fix a lot of them.